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Dennis Corporation Safety Policies


Safety Manual
Dennis Corporation provides every employee with a safety manual.


Safety Mission Statement:

It is the utmost goal of Dennis Corporation to promote safety on our jobsites through proper training and awareness, while striving for zero accidents. In order to achieve these goals, a comprehensive safety plan is furnished to all personnel and updated periodically to reflect continuous improvements to the comprehensive safety program. Dennis Corporation’s Safety Principles include:

  • Safety is achieved by preventing accidents not reacting to them
  • Safety is the responsibility of all team members at all levels
  • All Personnel must have the proper training to ensure a safe jobsite

Safety Goals:

Our management identified the following safety goals:

  • Abide by all federal, state and local regulations
  • Apply good sense and safe practices to all jobs
  • All field employees will participate in 10 Hour OSHA Training
  • Exercise good judgment in following this program
  • Protect the public from any and all hazards that result from our operations
  • Strive to make all operations safe
  • Maintain mental and physical condition conducive to working safely
  • Assess result of your actions on the entire workplace
  • Work shall not be performed in ways that cause hazards for others
  • Abide by the safety rules and regulations of every construction site
  • Report any safety concerns
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